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Slay the Dragon, Save the Princess, Protect the Realm! Your heroes will seek to protect remnants of the world, fighting for one the last cradles of civilization.
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 Illian Olowarin

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PostSubject: Illian Olowarin   Mon May 25, 2015 4:38 pm

(Background on assumption I am keeping my Dragon Mark feat)
Illian Olowarin is a wood elf that was picked up by the academy as a baby. The academy was looking into a relatively rediscovered magic ability that comes from odd birth marks. These marks allow people to do things they may not have been able to do and got more powerful the stronger the person became. This type of discovery meant a great deal in finding and recording and "acquiring" these people. The meaning of the mark wasn't fully realized till later in Illian's training but was categorized as a Mark of Passage. He was able to move faster at times and even teleport himself.

Illian's training showed he had a major aptitude as an artificer, a wizard that is able to create magical items on the fly. Though thru creating his items he found a knack for brewing, both potions and certain "beverages". He really liked his first beverage, and makes more in his spare time. What he doesn't drink himself he sometimes sells it when hes in a town or in Haven. The academy frowns a bit at this behavior but the ones that would do something about don't as for some reason their stock of their favorite beverage seems to arrive to them at the right time. Its very hard to get such fine tasting "brews" for them without spending time and money.

Illian does record many things he observes in one his books depending on what it is. He has a normal record book for missions and keeps track of anything that happens, and another book which has his list of brew mixes and researches. He also has records of teleportation circles he has encountered.

During one of his many "beverage" R&D sessions, he made a particular mixture, blacked out from drinking it and awakens to find a magic rod in his hands which bears his personal mark. The same mark he places on his beverages he makes. He uses a different mark for more public magic items. He tries out the magic rod in a safe area (the academy probably has wide testing fields), and he cant pin down what it does as each time it did something different: Shooting fireballs, making butterflies appear, turning things blue, and many other odd and amazing things. As amazed as he is by this device and tries to find record on the drink that made him make this device but can not find it, nor can he remember what the hell he did to make it. He has tried to reproduce the results but to no avail. The "Rod of Wonder" as he calls it, can't be mass produced as it is, as its effects are random with each use. So he uses it as a backup item now on missions when he has nothing to cast spells.

In regards to his teammates; hes been perfectly fine with each of them. They have their quirks but they do their tasks well enough and he knows they have his back as he has theirs. Even "Thundering Ol' Big Bird" who had "raised" and trained the group though he has tried to curb Illian's drinking habit. At least to the point he doesn't get drunk enough to want to show off his Magic item to people; lost a few taverns to that.
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PostSubject: Re: Illian Olowarin   Tue May 26, 2015 11:03 am

Yulwei would have been proud of him making a name for himself in a business of sorts. Although he would have tried to lower how much you drank like you said, he would have helped sneak your "concoctions" out of the Academy and onto the mass market.

I'm going to try and think of the nickname Yulwei would have called you now that I know your backstory.
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Illian Olowarin
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