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Slay the Dragon, Save the Princess, Protect the Realm! Your heroes will seek to protect remnants of the world, fighting for one the last cradles of civilization.
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 Yulwei's Backstory

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PostSubject: Yulwei's Backstory   Tue May 19, 2015 5:45 pm

Yulwei (Yuhl-Way) was found as a chick by one of the Academy's adventuring squads. He was colored with the brightest blue and darkest black and had bands of symbols around his biceps, forearms, thighs, calves, and in small groupings over his body. The Academy scholars identified the symbols as being derived from various languages including draconic, sylvan, and primordial. The two most frequently seen were influenced by auran and some language or languages unknown to the scholars. One of the auran words words on his body was "yulwei", a word with a meaning unknown to anyone at the Academy. The name stuck.

Yulwei was placed in a group of children around his age. He grew and learned incredibly fast and within two years he was fully grown. Yulwei had a knack for losing to a larger opponent only to return the next day to pummel him into the dirt. With the help of the resources of the Academy, he even taught himself aarakocra and auran (explanation for his weird language proficiencies). He excelled at all of his training and started as a rogue. His race gave him the bonus of being able to grow and to learn new concepts and techniques even faster than the ambitious humans. However, his powerful race had the drawback of a lifespan of only around 30 years. This never phased Yulwei, however, because he believed that he was invulnerable.

The Academy placed Yulwei in an adventuring group at the age of two and a half. The squad was very young and each member was seeking glory. They couldn't care less about teamwork. Thara, a bronze dragonborn storm sorceress, was the only one among them that made an effort to hold them together. They traveled together for a year and made a name for themselves. Yulwei even gained many friends through the villages they helped. A terrible event occurred and Yulwei is the sole survivor of this group.

Yulwei returned to the Academy and to his original group who were now around three and a half years old. At first he didn't know where he belonged anymore but one night one one of the children in his group came to him. The child told Yulwei that he was scared. Yulwei put the child back in bed and fetched his lute, a tool he learned to play from a member of his lost party. Yulwei told the child, "Only fools don't feel fear, little one. To be brave is to face what we fear. Hush now and rest." Using an auran lullaby, he put the child to sleep.

Yulwei decided that for a team to be successful, they needed more than just teamwork; They needed to be a family. He set to raising the members of the group in any way he could. He would even break the children out of the Academy at times so they could see the world. Although this angered the Academy, they always knew they couldn't cage the creature who could fly faster than most people at the Academy could run. Yulwei's focus on his martial techniques slowed and as his family grew, he noticed how old he was getting himself. He began training himself in the Way of the Open Hand in order to master his body and extend his life. Now that his group is grown, he is able to focus solely on his training; However, his advanced age has slowed the rate he learns down to that of a regular human.

In the present, Yulwei's bright feathers have dulled and his chest has turned almost entirely grey. However, the symbols on his body still remain. Yulwei wears cloth tunics with a magic belt he found with his original party. The belt is circled with auran letters and grants Yulwei immense strength. When Yulwei first attuned to it, every bit of air was pulled from his lungs and his vocal chords were hoarse and scarred. He now has a deep and airy voice. That initial effect never occurred on anyone else who has tried to attune to it since. Yulwei also keeps multiple daggers on his persons because, like he has told his group from a young age, "You can never have too many knives." His background is Folk Hero from his time with his first party.

Whether each of your characters sees Yulwei as a father figure or not, he was there helping raise you. This is the part of his backstory that each of your characters would know. Although he is the same age as the rest of the group, your characters would have little to no memory of him being any smaller than fully grown because of the way children's memories develop.
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Yulwei's Backstory
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